Let me briefly chime in on the John Mayer hoopla.

Who is John Mayer? Not someone that me or my girlfriends would or have talked about. In fact, I'm not sure that they know who he is. I was introduced to his guitaring on Alicia Keys' song, Lesson Learned--one of my favorites. After that, maybe I've heard his name tossed around here and there. I know he was on the Chappelle Show episode, White People Can't Dance--another of my favorites. And he was on Michael Jackson's t.v. memorial. I didn't know he had street/hood cred because no one has been talking about him in my hood.

I'm not impressed with John Mayer's kiss-n-tell. Those are NOT the kind of men I like to fuck with. Our business is ours (and my friends). Men should really be careful about what they reveal about their sexual relationships because those women could come forth and rain on their ego parade. These are the women that call me up and tell me their bedroom nightmares.  These are the women for whom I created The Conception. Unfortunately for women, society will blame us for a man's shortcomings...rather, I should say short-cummings. And because of this, women aren't honest. Instead of saying,

He is a two-minute man and his dick won't stay hard long enough.
She will say,
He doesn't spend enough time with me.
Instead of saying,
He never makes me cum and I'd rather use my dildo.
She will say,
He doesn't have the same interests that I have, he's always out with his friends, and he doesn't spend enough time with me.
Anyways, Mayer says a lot of things on his Playboy interview that I'll have to roll into a podcast. (Yes, for now I've ceased the BlogTalkRadio show for several reasons of convenience.) It is too much for me to write up. I just wanted to let it be known that for this Black woman, John Mayer is not on the CLITS:


On the CLITS, you will find such persons as Robin Thicke, hell even Alan Thicke, that White boy on Armageddon, maybe Justin Timberlake if he'd cut all that hair off his face, and that White boy in that dance movie...what was it Step It Up? Other than that, if I'm looking for someone that can masturbate the guitar and make that bitch talk, scream, and holla, I'd prefer someone like B.B. King, or Prince.