I'm nearly a year late seeing this, but it makes a great introduction to The Conception's first show, Is it the Size of the Boat or the Motion in the Ocean, which starts on Thursday January 28th at 11pm!:

It was after 8am yesterday when I first watched this. You want to know my initial reaction? I blushed. And then I cracked the fucked up as if I were watching The Chappelle Show! I was so loud that I thought someone would come knocking at my door. My first thoughts were:

No this mofo didn't!
This is too much!
Why is this boy dancing in his undies?
What a freak!
This is kinda gay!
And then, I read the comments on the video, which were basically a repeat of my last thought. I became very upset because the comments were vicious. I will admit first off, I'm from Florida so I'm partial to Pretty Ricky as hometown, homegrown artists who have put in the effort that they have to make it in the music industry. But the extreme hatred I felt jumping out of the comment section got to me. As a cisgendered person embodied in that privilege, I recognize that even as liberal or gay-friendly as we may call ourselves, our initial thoughts can be tainted with preconceived notions and prejudices. Sometimes we must step back and re-frame what is in our brains. I can do this, but I don't think the majority of the people who left comments are even minutely capable.  The homophobia is almost exaggerated. We still live in an era in which some people feel the need to classify people based on their sexuality. And some people feel urgent in their need to clarify that they are "no homo." So what?

Anyway, I digress. And if you are open, go back and watch the video again. These were my second thoughts, post-re-framing:
Damn, that mofo can move!
I bet he can fuck that good, too!
What a lucky man!
He should be a stripper!
I need to stop watching this!
Many of you are familiar with the old adage about how a person dances is how they have sex. This is what comes to my mind when I see men, and women, move like this. And YES!, men DO move like this! Maybe you haven't had the privilege of seeing it. Many of the men I've known in Florida can move just like Spectacular--they almost look like snake charmers. And, there is not a damn thing that is gay about them. Just because they can "move like women"...what does that mean? There's no guarantee that women can move in this manner...not all people have this kind of rhythm and flexibility. People are so stuck on the notion of things being "male" and "female" that they criticize what they don't understand--when, in essence, they are ignorant about another spectrum. What if masculinity and femininity are NOT concrete? What if sexuality is not absolute?

I digress again. Go back and re-watch the video. Forget about about the gold teefs and the red drawz.

The tongue stuff should be self-explanatory. For more than half of women, this is how they have an orgasm.

Did you see those circular motions Spectacular made? Perfect! The vagina is a circle (well, a tube). There are 360 degrees. If your man is thrusting so hard, in and out, and your cervix is getting bruised and shit, you need to have him do some hip rotations. That's real grinding. The vagina expands and has nooks and crannies, pockets and corners...parts that have never been touched for some women.

Did you see the dipping that Spectacular did? Oh my! The vagina is the internal part that some tend to focus  on exclusively, even though for many women, the clitoris is the main sensitive spot. That dipping allows the man's penis to not only touch the upper and lower vaginal walls, but also will massage the labia and clitoral hood while continuously repositioning the angle of the penis.  In that the clitoris extends into the vagina (which likely coincides with the G-spot) this movement is crucial to a woman's orgasm.

Did you see how Spectacular rotated clockwise and counterclockwise? Hot Damn! That will drive any woman wild.  Change is good and is also a great way to prolong the excitatory phase. You gotta build.

At the 1:41  mark, Spectacular puts his arms up in what I can only describe as a Que-like position (Que, as in Bruh).  You can recognize that merely as a vanity pose, great if you have mirrors around!  If not, you know the man just needs to give himself props that he is poppin it with no hands and grinding so well!!

If you didn't identify with any part of the sexual experience, I mean, dance, so far, perhaps you recognized the part when the camera comes back on at 2:01, when Spectacular is in profile view. Hell yeah! Did you see how his body rolled? And then slow motion with it? Classic doggy style taken to another level. Most of a woman's nerve endings in the vagina are located in the portion closest to the outside. However, the rolling allows the man's penis to penetrate different levels so that nothing is missed and everything is teased.

If your sexual experience doesn't mirror the aforementioned to some degree, then I'm sorry for you. What someone's sexual orientation is, is really no one's business except for their partner. For the ladies that think this is sooo gay, then don't bother. Continue to get what you get and stop complaining to your girlfriends. And for the men that think this is sooo gay, keep doing whatever you're doing, too. And we'll continue to hear your girlfriends and wives on The Conception. Is it gay when men and women watch men and women in pornos? Is it gay when men and women accompany one another to strip clubs?  If it's not broken, then don't fix it. But, before you call someone gay, please realize that it might be YOU who is missing out.

Now go back and watch Spectacular dance one last time and maybe you'll take notes ;) (BTW, there is a part 2) And the song, Tipsy, is nice--though I know nothing about the sex being 10Xs wetter...don't need it with this type of motion ;)

Yeah, This your boy Diamond Blue
Woah Pretty Ricky, Let's Go

We gone Get Tipsy [x8]

We gone get tipsy in this club(tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter
We gone get tipsy in this club(tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter

We gone Get Tipsy [x4]
We gone Get

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, we don't drink cups we pop bottles
Fuckin' bad chicks next top models
All white linen with Gucci loafers
She say she cum a hundred times looking at my posters
Now she on my sofa then she gettin' closer
So I beat it down like a G supposed to
Say she fantasize bout Spectac
I fucked a week ago she still got her back(back)

We gone Get Tipsy [x4]

We gone get tipsy in this club(tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter
We gone get tipsy in this club(tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, she keep on callin' me
Oh she be sweatin' me
Girl you look even better when I'm tipsy
She say she busy
This a Music Royal track, feel the beat
You gotta feel the beat, Yeeaahh

Ooh I know ya'll feel this beat
You gotta feel the beat, gotta feel the beat
Ooooo hahaha

[Verse 3:]
Huh, Last call for alcohol
Last chance to slow dance
Baby girl I'm the man, put ya g-string to the side girl let me take a glance
Enhance your?
We sippin on that Henny
Your inny minny miny mo
I'm dickin' it down and she screamin' mo
Feenin' mo
Bitch this it, take this dick
I'm from the pound, dickin' it down and throw you around, I'm bout that life I'll hold it down
Let me off in the club pop bottles
Lil shawty on the left wanna holla
Buddy with her lookin' like he got a problem
I hit his ass across the head with a bottle

Pussy ass nigga
Bitch ass nigga
Hoe ass nigga
Pussy ass nigga
Bitch ass nigga
Hoe ass Bitch ass pussy ass nigga

We gone get tipsy in this club(tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter
We gone get tipsy in this club(tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter